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Our house

Can Cua, also known as Can Pares de Ter is, as its name suggests, on the left bank of the River Ter, in the municipality of San Gregorio and about five kilometers from the city of Girona.

Located in a hilly area surrounded by forests of Mount Can Soms the foot of Sant Grau and the valley of Bescanó in the background.

In the year of its construction has been lost from memory with the passage of time and life events, but according to some data, we can talk about the early eighteenth century.

Farmhouse in which his people lived on the work of field and forest, which survived cultivated their own vegetable garden, raised cattle, pigs killed and became the bread, and if something had exceeded the market.
That people were always welcome, as evidenced by planting a cypress tree at the entrance of the house, sign a dish at the table by a stranger or two signal a plate and a bed to sleep.
Memories of times past that are no longer ...

Cypresses still welcoming. The tranquility, the illusion of living in the countryside, surrounded by fields and forests and the security of being well cared for, even if it is still there.

This is what we offer CAN CUA.

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